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Relaunch Successful!

After launching some months ago and fixing and improving it during the last weeks, it was time to redesign my personal homepage, as it's previous design and structure still was mainly the same as it was when it launched back in 2011.

What's new?
As with the previous version of my homepage, you can download all my released Grand Theft Auto mods and some other stuff from here, besides some imagery of unreleased stuff.
All stuff that is related to GTA United has been removed from my homepage and can be found now at
New to my site is a blog section (well, you're actually in it now), where I am going to post some updates on a regular basis (well, at least I have the possibility to do that...) about Grand Theft Auto, my work on it or anything else.
I also added a section about the history of this website, where I tried to summarize the history of it from its launch back in 2008 till today.

What's next?
After the release of Grand theft Auto United 1.2 back in late 2012, I actually stopped working on GTA mods or anything else related to Grand Theft Auto modding, due to lack of time.
Because of this I sometimes get the question if I ever will release new CLEO mods or if there will be a new version of GTA United.
Well what I can say about that is that I am still interested in Grand Theft Auto modding and I am thrilled about the new limit adjusters and some other stuff that has been developed for the San Andreas engine recently, that would allow to create a better version of GTA United.
But honestly, I think there will be no new mods or new versions of previous mods, because I still have not that time for modding. Besides of that, the San Andreas engine gets older and older and less attractive with every day.
However, as we all know, GTA V just got released for PC and it already seems to emerge as a worthy successor of GTA San Andreas, with a strong and active modding community. I will try to be part of this, at least from a viewers perspective.
But even if we see great mods emerge almost every day, I hope for the future that Rockstar will release Story DLCs for Grand Theft Auto V, like they did with the Episodes for GTA IV. Maybe with a trip back into Michaels and Trevors history, into the cold and snowy Ludendorff...

Sincerely Yours